Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Solar Contractor

Having solar panels installed on your home is an excellent way to save some money on your monthly electricity expenses, lower your household's carbon footprint, and even increase your overall property value. It's important to have a professional contractor install your solar panels to ensure that nothing important is overlooked and that everything is properly connected for optimal performance long term. So you can be sure that they'll meet all of your specific needs and preferences, make a list of questions to ask potential solar contractors before choosing which one to hire. In addition to your own personal questions, you should add the following considerations to your list:

How Much Experience Does the Contractor Have?

It is crucial to determine how much experience a potential solar contractor has before hiring them to ensure that they'll do the job properly, on time, and within budget. Find out how many solar systems have been installed by contractors you're interested in working with, and ask for some references from those customers so you can find out how their experience was overall. Learning about the work experience of your contractor will ensure that you know exactly what to expect from their services when working for you.

Is the Contractor Licensed and Insured?

Another important aspect to inquire about is whether or not a potential contractor is licensed and insured. You should learn whether or not any of the work will be subcontracted to other companies, and if so, who exactly will be working on your project? A potential contractor should be happy to provide you with the license, insurance, and bond information of anyone they plan to work with in order to complete your project. Your contractor should have enough insurance to cover any damage that's done to your roof or property during the installation.

Are Any Warranties Available?

Spend a little time figuring out what types of warranties are available for your solar system through potential contractors. There are a variety of different insurance policy types available depending on the type of system you plan to install, and the options may vary between contractors. Understanding your warranty options before the installation should help you determine which contractor can provide you with the best coverage for your solar system.

Does the Solar System Qualify for Financial Incentives?

It may be possible to receive financial incentives for installing a new solar system on your home depending on where you live. Ask your potential contractors to provide you with a comprehensive list of tax incentives and incentive payments they can qualify you for, so you know who can provide you with the best financial savings overall. You should also inquire about how and when any financial incentives you qualify for will be honored so you can plan accordingly.

These considerations should help you find the best possible solar contractor for your needs that saves you money, time, stress, and heartache when all is said and done. Contact a business like Renewable Energy Supply, Inc to learn more.