4 Ways To Make Your Cabin More Green

Owning a cabin in the woods or mountains is a great way to add more peace and quiet to your life. With a cabin, you will always have a serene retreat where you can escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy nature up-close. Many cabin owners are also interested in being self-sufficient and minimizing their carbon footprint. This is easy to do by following these four steps to make your cabin more green:

Install a Cabin Solar Kit

DIY solar kits are relatively easy to install and require little to no maintenance after installation. They can easily provide your cabin's electrical needs, even on cloudy days. Solar kits are especially popular for cabin owners since so many cabins are located too far away from the main power grid to allow for traditional electricity. Even if that's not the case for your cabin, your solar cabin kit will save you money on your cabin's utility bills and help you avoid pricing increases from the power company.

Switch to a Composting Toilet

Modern composting toilets are clean, odor-free, and low maintenance. They rely on an enhanced version of the natural process of decomposition to eliminate human waste without the need for water, making them very environmentally-friendly. Composting toilets work great in cabins where there is no water hookup, because the self-contained units do not require running water to operate.

Add a Rainwater Collection System

Rainwater collection systems do just what they sound like: they collect rainwater, filter it, and then allow you to use it for cleaning, bathing, watering your cabin's garden, or using it for any other purpose that requires water. Rainwater collection systems may not meet all of your water needs, but in a smaller cabin in an area that receives a decent amount of rain you may be surprised by how much clean, filtered water is produced.

Switch to LED Lighting

LED lights cost more up-front but last for up to 50,000 hours. They also use significantly less energy and don't burn as hot as other types of light bulbs, making them much less of a fire hazard in a smaller space like a cabin where a fire would spread very quickly. 

By implementing these tips and making your cabin more green, you will bring the energy cost of running your cabin down to a negligible amount of money, become more self-sufficient, and do something great for the environment all at the same time.