4 Commercial Lighting Design Tips To Improve Work Areas And Cut Energy Costs

Poor lighting design for your business is the cause of problems with excess energy costs and dim work areas. There are many solutions to update the work areas of your buildings with commercial LED high bay lights, skylights, and other lighting design improvements. The following tips will help you improve the lighting design of your business to reduce energy costs and improve work conditions:

1. Security and Savings with Solar Commercial Exterior Lighting Solutions

To start with the lighting improvements to your business, look outside your office window. The exterior lighting of your business can easily be updated and upgraded with solar commercial lighting in areas like parking facilities, landscaping, and even the entrances of your business. This is something that you can start by making small investments, or you can talk with a commercial lighting service to help with the exterior solar lighting solutions for your business.

2. Reduce Electricity Needs with Commercial Skylights for Natural Lighting

There may not be a need to have electrical lighting everywhere in your business when there is plenty of sunlight available outside. Consider installing commercial skylights to the roof of your business to provide natural lighting to reduce your reliance on conventional electric lighting. The natural light can help reduce the amount of lights that you need to turn on during the workday to help reduce your electricity costs.

3. Commercial High Bay LED Light Solutions for Bright, Energy Efficient Lighting

With warehouse and commercial workspace, you want to make sure you have enough light for a safe and productive work environment. The problem is that old commercial high bay lights can use a lot of electricity. Therefore, you should consider having LED high bay lights installed to improve the lighting of floor space and reduce energy costs of your business.

4. Automated Commercial Lighting Solutions to Help Cut Energy Costs and Improve Lighting

There are also many areas of your business where electricity gets wasted due to lights being on when they are not needed. Talk with a commercial lighting service about solutions to automate the lighting of your business to ensure lights do not get turned on unless they are really needed. You can also talk to them about automation of emergency lighting to keep your business safe and operational when the power goes out.

These are some tips to help you with commercial lighting designs that will reduce energy costs and improve work conditions. If you are ready to start improving your business, contact a commercial lighting contractor and talk to them about solutions like LED high bay lights and other lighting improvements.