Maintenance Tips For Your Residential Solar Panels

Installing solar panels in your home is one most important decisions you can make toward saving energy costs. Using solar energy massively reduces the dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, it comes with other benefits, such as environmental friendliness, low maintenance costs, reliability, installation rebates, incentives, and increasing home value. However, you need to take proper care of your solar panels to enjoy these advantages.

Below are some maintenance tips to ensure you get the best out of solar panels. 

Regular cleaning

Solar installation on the roof exposes the panels to dirt. Removing dirt accumulation improves sunlight absorption, enabling the storage of enough energy to cater to all the needs at home. While cleaning, you should take precautions to avoid damaging the solar panels or falling from the rooftop. Don't use abrasive materials like metallic brushes to scrub off the dirt, as they may result in severe damage. Instead, you should only wipe the dirt off the piece of cloth, water, and biodegradable soap. Furthermore, climb the roof using a ladder and wear protective gear to prevent falling. 

Keep solar panels out of the shade

Sunlight is a crucial determinant in enjoying solar power. Overgrown trees create shades over the rooftop, limiting the sunlight reaching the solar panels. You should regularly trim overgrown branches and ensure the solar panels get the right sunshine level. Additionally, when installing other structures in your compound, i.e., construction of a new building, you need to take necessary steps to ensure they don't create shade and block sunlight from your solar panels. 

Conduct professional repair services

If there is damage to your solar panels, you should call for professional repair services. Attempting to make repairs on your own may further damage your entire solar system. If your installation warranty is still active, request the installation company to send professionals to have a look and make repairs. An attempt to make repairs on your own may also affect the chances of successful compensation from your home insurance coverage.

Document performance patterns 

Regular documentation of the performance patterns makes it easy to know whether they are performing at their optimal best or if there is an issue with the solar panels. Issues such as faults in the solar photovoltaic (PV) system and the electrical inverter indicate problems with your solar system. Additionally, you should check on the electrical wiring to ensure issues, such as corrosion or obstruction, are not preventing the transmission of solar electricity in your home.


Good and quality maintenance services are vital after solar panel installation in your home to ensure effectiveness and durability. When installing solar panels in your home, the service company should advise on the best maintenance tips.

To learn more about maintaining residential solar energy panels, reach out to a local service provider.